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A stunning wedding cake with intricate details,including gold accents and delicate flowers.




As a collaborative duo of photographers, my spouse and I have a deep-seated fondness for capturing the beauty of the world through our lenses. The essence of photography lies in its capacity to elicit a myriad of emotions from the observer, which is an attribute unique to this art form. Photographs have the ability to narrate stories that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, thereby immortalizing fleeting moments. We consider it an absolute privilege to be able to partake in your special moments, and to weave your story through our artistic vision.

Warm regards,

Mike & Noemi


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See you soon!

US husband and wife photographer team can offer a valuable and unique service in the photography industry, bringing their individual skills and shared passion for the art to each project they undertake.
"Capture those moments that will last forever"
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